Friday, June 29, 2007

Tired of Shooting Black Dots?

Do you ever get tired of shooting black dots?

We at the RWVA range in Ramseur NC may have an answer for you. Though out the year the RWVA sponsors shooting events on our 500 yard pop-up range. The range supports pop-up targets at 200,300,400, 4++ yds. These are the same type pop up machine used by the US Military. Bring your rifle and at least 200 rounds of ammo for a day at the range like no other. We will start the day at 9:00 AM sharp with some warm up shooting at 25 yds. In order to shoot on the 500 yd range shooters will have to demonstrate a four MOA skill level. That means you have to be able to put 3 rounds in a one inch square at 25 yds. We have to insure that shooters can keep their shots in the impact area. Additionally if a shooter can't shoot at a 4MOA level the likely hood they will hit anything but dirt is remote. For more information check out this link

8 Down: An individual event each shooter has one minute to engage 4 targets, each at 200 and 300 yds. Fastest time wins.

Counter attack: A team event 4 shooters engage 12 targets at 200, 300, & 400 yds from the prone. The team then moves on line down range and engage targets as they appear, all done safely with a range officer of course. Some of the shooters bring their web gear to carry ammo for this event. Its fun!

Sniper: An individual event shooter engage targets at 200, 300, 400, & 4++ yds, maximum of two rounds per target. Scoring is based on difficulty of shot. First round hits get more points than second round hits and 4++ yds more points than 400 and so on.

We will keep going until you get tired or run out of ammo.

Who is the RWVA ? The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is a non-profit organization
who's purpose is to promote the tradition of rifle marksmanship. Through out the history of our Republic, Americans have been known worldwide as expert marksmen. It is part of who we are. The RWVA carries on in that tradition by helping to train marksmen and promote the concept of the American Rifleman.

How do I get there? Our range is located just south of Ramseur NC. Take NC 22 south from Ramseur and turn left on to
Old Siler City Rd. Go thru stop sign at Parks Church & take a right onto Willie Wright Rd. Take Wright Rd. to the RWVA Range on your left at Royal Ridge Rd. Coming from the south take 22 north and turn on to Troy Caviness Rd, about 2.5-3.0 miles north of Coleridge. Take Troy Caviness to Willie Wright Rd and turn left. The range is on your right at Royal Ridge Rd.

What does it cost? The RWVA is non profit but we do have expenses; bring your lunch, ammo, something to drink and $45.00 for the range fee.

What type rifle do I need to bring? Any rifle capable of rapid fire 32 cal. or smaller bolt or semi-auto will get it done.

Pop- Up Action Shoot Schedule

2008 Shoot Schedule

March 18th "Star Spangled Banner"
May 17th Armed Forces Day
June 21st Army Day
September 20th World War II Sniper Qualification
October 25th UN Appreciation Day
December 13 th Korean War Sniper Qualification

Range fee is $45.00 attend any three of the above shoots and shoot the KWSQ free.

All shoots begin at 09:00 hrs. unless otherwise noted.

Shoots are held at the RWVA Range in Ramseur NC.

The action field shoots list above are open to all riflemen and wanta' be riflemen however if you are new or rusty we highly recommend you attend an Appleseed weekend before coming. Check out the web site below to find an Appleseed near you and learn about our program.